CYLim’s Demo Application

This is a demo application developed by me which comprise of web and mobile application.

CYLIM's Demo Application

  • Anyone can login and register from web and mobile application.
  • After registration, you need to activate from your registered email.
  • Reset password can only be done from the web.
  • After login from the web, you can upload any picture and it will display in both web and mobile application. (However, you can’t upload from the mobile at the moment)
  • If no picture is upload from the web, you can see a default picture (My picture) when login to the app.

Here is the web module URL:
The APK file


Hello world!

Hello and welcome.

As per the title, I like Superman and I combine it with my name to become Super. (Lol)

This blog provide short, simple point form review of some of the things in my life.

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